Compiled from over eight hours of material, Love Is Overtaking Me reaches back further to Russell’s first
compositions from the early `70s, the most rare and, at the same time, arguably the most accessible part
comprising 21 demos and home recordings of unreleased pop, folk and country songs selected by Audika’s
Steve Knutson, Ernie Brooks and Russell’s companion, Tom Lee. A number of the songs feature prominently
in the film Wild Combination: A Portrait of Arthur Russell. The vinyl is available directly via the new Audika webstore under Releases.

Master Mix: Red Hot & Arthur Russell available 10/21/14


Arthur Russell’s most definitive work, World Of Echo, is released today on remastered double vinyl with revised artwork. No direct web sales for this release. Please check with your local independent or on-line retailer. Love Is Overtaking Me and Calling Out Of Context will also again be available on vinyl shortly.


Audika Records quietly celebrates it’s ten year anniversary with a revised artwork edition of Arthur Russell’s seminal classic, ‘World Of Echo’ on CD in an edition of 500.  The packaging is loosely based on the original LP cover art from 1986 now housed in a tri-fold digipak with a rare image of Arthur (and same liner notes + music as previous edition). Available from July 16.

“In outer space you can’t take your drums- you take your mind” -Arthur Russell 1987

“This is what is left when the Beat has eaten itself, when the crunch of hip-hop has crunched itself to dust. “World Of Echo” is an orbit of resonance, a giant, subterranean repository of Dub” – David Stubbs/Melody Maker 1987


Audika Records New Release For September 2012

Keep The Lights On

AUDIKA RECORDS releases KEEP THE LIGHTS ON soundtrack, featuring the music of Arthur Russell, on September 4


NEW YORK, August 12, 2012 – Audika Records will release the soundtrack for the film KEEP THE LIGHTS ON, featuring the music of Arthur Russell digitally on September 4th.

KEEP THE LIGHTS ON, directed by Ira Sachs and distributed by Music Box Films, opens in New York and Los Angeles on September 7th, followed by a national rollout.

Featuring nine songs culled from Arthur Russell’s eclectic catalog included in the film, the KEEP THE LIGHTS ON soundtrack serves as an introduction for the uninitiated to the sui generis music of the prolific composer and cellist. “When I had finished the script for KEEP THE LIGHTS ON — it came to me that his work would be the perfect companion to the story I wanted to tell. Messy, melancholy, beautiful, and full of humor, I had a sense that Arthur’s music could become like another character in the film itself,” said Sachs.

KEEP THE LIGHTS ON chronicles an emotionally and sexually charged journey of two men in New York City through love, friendship, and addiction. The film won the Teddy Award at the Berlin Film Festival, and Outstanding Dramatic Feature and Best Screenplay at Outfest: The Los Angeles LGBT Film Festival.  The trailer can be seen here.

Arthur Russell was a cellist, vocalist and composer who was known for his fusion of classical and popular music. More from Arthur Russell’s catalog is available through Audika Records.


 Close My Eyes

Soon-To-Be Innocent Fun / Let’s See

Come to Life

Your Motion Says

“Instrumentals” Volume 2

Being It

Goodbye Old Paint

I Like You!

Our Last Night Together


KEEP THE LIGHTS ON chronicles an emotionally and sexually charged journey of two men in New York City through love, friendship, and addiction. Documentary filmmaker Erik (Thure Lindhardt) and closeted lawyer Paul (Zachary Booth, Damages) meet through a casual encounter, but soon find a deeper connection and become a couple. Individually and together, they are risk takers—compulsive, and fueled by drugs and sex. In an almost decade-long relationship defined by highs, lows, and dysfunctional patterns, Erik struggles to negotiate his own boundaries and dignity while being true to himself.



“Let’s Go Swimming”

“A lot of DJs take the tapes I make and try to make them into something more ordinary. ‘Let’s Go Swimming’ was supposed to be a futuristic summer record. Some DJs said that nobody would ever, ever play that. I think eventually that kind of thing will be commonplace.” – Arthur Russell interview with David Toop in 1986

“This is an impossible dance music, jumbling your urges, making you want to move in ways not yet invented, confounding your body as it provokes it…..a work of genius” – Simon Reynolds/Melody Maker in 1986

Remastered reissue of Arthur Russell’s most mind-bending (and boggling) psychedelic dance-raga originally released in 1986.  The 12″ and CD include all three versions of “Let’s Go Swimming”: Arthur’s own mixes of the Gulf Stream Dub and Puppy Surf Dub + the legendary Coastal Dub mixed with love by Walter Gibbons.  Also included is the previously unreleased epic 11-minute keyboard funk version of  ”Make 1, 2″ (Gem Spa Dub).

“Let’s Go Swimming” is released September 27, 2011 on limited 12″ vinyl, CD, and digitally worldwide on Audika Records. The CD packaging is a gatefold LP style including a poster image of Arthur Russell. Arthur’s partner Tom Lee painted and developed the artwork for the release.

While rummaging through Arthur’s archive, Tom Lee alerted me to a video made by Walter Gibbons for “Let’s Go Swimming”. A gift from a friend, made from nature footage on VHS with a pause button.